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VOSS Medicinal Healing
2001 Barrington Ave. suite 111
Los Angeles, Calif. 90025

Tel:  424/248-VOSS (8677)
Fax: 310/472-6556


Veronika Voss encourages your interest and comments about her treatments, products and classes.

To schedule a private treatment and/or counseling. Call 424/248-VOSS (8677).
To schedule a class for your company or organization. Call 424/248-VOSS (8677).
For questions about our products. Call 1-800-285-8589 
Product Wholesalers, please use extension 108

You can e-mail Veronika Voss a question at

You can also go to our FAQ’s topic link and submit your question. If we use it, Veronika will have a special gift for you.



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