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How to Avoid Toxicity

The basic requirements to avoid toxicity are to do all that you can for your body, work and home environments. If you know the source of any toxic materials at work, such as stored or leaking chemicals, dyes, paints, solvents, glues, acids or household offenders such as mold, dust, lead paint, asbestos, insecticides or cleaning agents, remove them as soon as possible.  If the offending materials can not be removed, then an effective air purification system may be needed.  Protective clothing, masks or breathing apparatus should be worn at all times when using any toxic materials.  Regular replacement of furnace and air-conditioning filters are also helpful.

It is extremely important to eat a healthy diet with plenty of fresh, wholesome foods.  Avoid eating excess fat, refined sugars and foods high in additives and preservatives.  Eat moderate levels of protein, complex carbohydrates, limit unhealthy fats and eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Substitute organically raised animal protein and organically grown fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Avoid fatty meats and dairy products containing DDT and PCB's.

Drink plenty of purified water, a home water purification system is highly desirable to eliminate by- products of chlorination, pesticides, toxins and industrial wastes therefore providing pure water for drinking and cooking, This will also eliminate buying unhealthy water in plastic bottles due to their leaching of phthalates and bisphenol-A which interrupt our endocrine feed back loop. The most worrisome plastics on the market are vinyls and clingwraps indicated by a  # 3, Styrofoam indicated by a # 6 found in takeout containers and poly carbonates indicated by a # 7 which can be found in some metals and watercooler bottles, these numbers are generally found on the bottom of all containers.

Avoid skin, soap, cosmetics and hair products containing artificial preservatives, dyes, lauryl sulfates, mineral oils, talcs, parabens, paraffins, petroleums, phenol carbolic acids, propylene glycols, acrylamines, toluenes, triclosan, phthalates, dioxanes or animal byproducts as all products put on your skin are absorbed in your lymph and circulatory system. "These are currently linked to Cancer according to the latest Cancer Research Studies!"


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