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“I absolutely love the exfoliating body
elixir with the yellow mitt. My skin had
become so dull and dry from the winter.
Ever since I started using this product my
skin has become so smooth, and silky soft
with a beautiful glow. I wouldn’t want to
be without it.”

Cathie Phelps, Sacramento, Calif.

Lymphatic System

"One of the best ways to cleanse and detoxify is to get your lymph system moving."  Lymph is a fluid that flows through your body, literally picking up garbage such as worn-out blood cells and debris from infections, toxins and cancer cells.  Because the lymph system relies on the action of your muscles to make its journey through the body, a sedentary job or lack of exercise will slow it down.

The four lymph cleansers are; herbs, exercise, exfoliation and massage. 

Herbs that enhance lymph flow include; Mullien, Cleavers, Prickly Ash Bark, Lemon peel, Echinacea, Red root, Glutathione, Astragulas, Lemon balm, Mitake mushroom, and pomegranate extract which can be taken as a tea, tincture, capsules or tablets. 

Exercise; Any exercise that breaks a sweat; as  perspiration is one of the most efficient ways that your body can eliminate toxins. 

Skin; Do not neglect your skin, as it is considered to be the largest organ for elimination.  Exfoliate and massage with our all-natural body elixir and mitt which is a therapeutic hydrating scrub designed to improve blood and lymph circulation, increase warmth, while eliminating toxins through your skin.

Detox Bath; Soaking in our Himalayan therapeutic salts help draw out toxins through your pores,  reduce aching muscles, soften skin and energetically remove  negative influences due to its powerful restorative purpose.

Massage;  Any massage that involves deep strokes, such as Swedish massage is very good for the lymph system. Some body workers specialize in lymphatic drainage which incorporates strokes that move up the arms and legs towards the lymph drainage areas in the chest and groin.Essential oils that assist in moving congested lymph are lemon, grapefruit and bay (laurus nobilis) in a base of either coconut, sesame or sunflower massage oils to stimulate circulation and cleansing.



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