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Managing Hepatic Detoxification in the Chronically ill

Healthy detoxification is of the utmost importance when managing any chronically ill patient with functional metabolic disorders.  The management of thyroid, adrenal or menopausal patterns will prove to be ineffective and ambiguous if detoxification and imbalances are overlooked.  Many times hormonal imbalances exist due to compromised detoxification function.  This is especially the case when a patient's profile does not match his or her symptoms, or if they have a previous history of toxic overload in the form of chemical or drug exposure. 

When it comes to functional metabolic disorders involving hormones, defects in the optimal detoxification may cause hormones to be partially metabolized.  Therefore, these partially metabolized, non-active hormones can compete with active hormones, as well as throw off the endocrine feedback loop.  The end result may be a patient that has symptoms of a hormonal imbalance with lab results that do not correlate, or a patient that is unable to handle any type of toxic overload, exposure or drugs.

The ultimate goal of hepatic detoxification is to transform compounds that are fat-soluble or lipophilic chemicals from an endogenous source such as hormones, intracellular mediators, neurotransmitters, bacteria, intestinal bacteria, endotoxins and antigin-antibody complexes; as well as exogenous compounds such as drugs, pesticides, environmental toxins and drugs into water-soluble compounds.  Water-soluble compounds can then be eliminated as urine by the kidneys, as sweat by our sweat glands, or into fecal matter from bile.



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