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Naturally Support Your Body's Daily Efforts to Detox

"One thing is for certain in our effort to purify our work and home environments, it is impossible to avoid toxicity completely!"  With this awareness, it is very important to support your body's effort to eliminate daily accumulated toxins. Many practitioners believe that a water, olive oil, maple syrup or citrus  fast is a preferred seasonal detoxification program. These fasts have been thought to work under the principle that the body will be able to, "clear stored toxins and heal itself when the stress of digestion or any further accumulations of toxins are eliminated."  

The  realization that the body's detoxification mechanism is a heavily nutrient supported process has made it clear that simple fasting is less complete and may not be the best method of choice.  Prolonged fasting weaken muscles and various organs due to protein and mineral losses with a gradual slowing of metabolic activity as the body endeavors to conserve its depleted energy resources.

The natural and healthiest approach to detoxification is to nourish the body daily, fueling its natural detoxing mechanism with the nutrients needed to achieve optimal detoxification activity. "Your body will always try to balance and heal itself 24/7, it is our lifestyle choices that get in the way." 

Decreasing stress, getting a restful night sleep, exercise and eating a high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates, essential fats, fresh fruits and vegetables, along with drinking purified water, the body will get what it needs to prevent muscle and organ breakdown and depleted energy resources.  But that is just the beginning, nutrients are needed to support the function of the  three organs (liver, intestinal tract and kidneys) plus the lymphatic system that are directly involved in detoxification.



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