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A Key to the SOLUTION in
     Balancing Hormones

Following my hysterectomy, I developed
such horrible hormonal fluctuations that
made my life so uncomfortable that I could
barely function due to insomnia, hot flashes,
dry throat and ringing in the ears. Dr. Voss's
3 acupuncture treatments and her herbal
formula relieved my discomfort and symptoms.

Anna Libreri

PMS, Perimenopause, Menopause, Estrogen Dominance & Osteoperosis

Join friends for lunch, pick up a magazine, log on to a health website or watch television and there is an excellent chance you are going to encounter a discussion about one or more of these women's health issues.  While much advice is offered, it is often contradictory and constantly debated.

So how do we women sort through this maze of information and contradiction?  What is PMS?  What is perimenopause?  What is menopause?  What is the most effective treatment?  Should hormone imbalance be treated with more hormones?  Is there an effective way to prevent and treat osteoporosis?  Are the proponents of HRT correct when they claim it can be safely used for three to five years following menopause?  Why is this so complicated?

I would really like to clear up this confusion and assist in increasing your awareness. I will share with you some simple, safe and practical solutions to ease the symptoms, prevent their reoccurrence, balance your hormones and assist you in living a life you were meant to experience.





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