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A Key to the SOLUTION in
     Balancing Hormones

Following my hysterectomy, I developed
such horrible hormonal fluctuations that
made my life so uncomfortable that I could
barely function due to insomnia, hot flashes,
dry throat and ringing in the ears. Dr. Voss's
3 acupuncture treatments and her herbal
formula relieved my discomfort and symptoms.

Anna Libreri

How does Acupuncture and Compounded Herbal formulas help?

Eastern medicine which encompasses herbology and acupuncture is the allopathic medical model that sees signs and symptoms as merely indications of imbalances that lie deeper within the body.  In the area of Women's Health, Eastern medicine is superior, I say that from personal experience from treating hundreds of women and seeing the tremendous results that are obtained, irregardless of which stage of life a woman may be in.

How often can you visit your health practitioner for one hour and come out feeling better than when you entered the office, this is only one of the benefits of Eastern medicine! Usually when you leave your doctor's office, you are leaving with  a mere prescription or samples of the latest drug that the pharmaceutical companies are manipulating the doctors to push on you, and you are leaving with the high hopes that it's going to alleviate your symptoms; clueless of the damage that it will do to your body. Do you realize that most doctors have very little to no experience in endocrinology?

Compounded Herbal formulas are composed of  botanical plants filled with ash minerals taken from the earth and  are specially formulated  to regulate  hormones,  establish physiological balance, emotional balance, stress, build Qi, nourish blood, increase vitality, improve sexual function, strengthen muscles, support the skeletal system, promote sound sleep, enhance immunocompetence, improve digestion and assimulation, all the while,  having a deep, replenishing, nourishing quality that helps to preserve a woman's youthfulness and radiant health. The classical Eastern herbal remedies are based on a particular combination of selected herbs; resulting in a unique medicine that is stronger than the sum of its parts.

Treating with Acupuncture, which is based on Meridian theory works from the outside, stimulating the meridians or energetic pathways inside the body.  It goes directly to the source of the problems and removes blockages, allowing for a smooth flow of Qi and blood.  Acupuncture is helpful in relieving symptoms, and with the help of the compounded herbal formulas they are powerful enough to get to the roots of the problem and alleviate all symptoms.  With acupuncture, the problem affecting the flow of Qi will be detected and corrected, the beta-endorphins and enkephalins will release neurotransmitters that influence the antiociceptive system that facilitates healing, stabilizes the autonomic nervous system and reduces pain, and most of all regulates homeostasis to allow for self healing powers to regenerateThe combination of the herbal remedies and acupuncture will assist the body to flourish, maintain hormonal balance and an over all sense of well being.


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