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A Key to the SOLUTION in
     Balancing Hormones

Following my hysterectomy, I developed
such horrible hormonal fluctuations that
made my life so uncomfortable that I could
barely function due to insomnia, hot flashes,
dry throat and ringing in the ears. Dr. Voss's
3 acupuncture treatments and her herbal
formula relieved my discomfort and symptoms.

Anna Libreri

Most Frequently Asked Questions

I am miserable every month before I get my menstrual cycle, is this PMS? What can I do?

What are estrogen and progesterone and what do they do?

What if there is an imbalance of hormones?

How does estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance occur?

What is the best way to make sure estrogen is properly metabolized?

Since DIM or Estrovite can balance our hormones, can I safely take either one of them with herbal formulas to alleviate the symptoms of perimenopause?

What vitamins and minerals do I need during my perimenopause phase?

What about all those frustrating and depressing menopausal symptoms? What can I safely take to relieve them?

What should I avoid during menopause?

What is the best thing to do to prevent osteoporosis?



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