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A Key to the SOLUTION in
     Balancing Hormones


The Reality of the Life Stages of a Woman's Body

Regardless of our age, life's plans, personal desires or professional goals, the reality of being a female is that our bodies house organs and hormones for the sole purpose of becoming pregnant and having babies.  Whether or not we ever become pregnant or give birth, all of us will experience physical changes at fairly specific intervals in stages simply to support the pro-pagation of our species. "A women's body ages at intervals in 7 year cycles, how fast, slow or damaging those hits are, depend on how we take care of ourselves!"

Within these stages normal flucuations in our reproductive hormones will occur.  Once women past puberty, hormone levels are high in the first stage, fluctuate in the second, and slowly decline and then cease in the third stage.  Because our reproductive hormones perform other important functions in our bodies that are completely unrelated to pregnancy and babies, these changing levels have the potential to greatly affect women's health as a whole.  This results in a myraid of normal and natural, but often uncomfortable and distressing symptoms.

Because these symptoms and fluctuations can cause discomfort, many healthcare practitioners have come to view these life stage conditions as, "problems to fix and correct."  We live in a society where we want instant relief!  Following the medical model where uncomfortable and distressing symptoms are equated with disease, healthcare practitioners are prescribing synthetic hormones to treat most, if not all, of woman's reproductive health symptoms.  And this is continuing, despite recent research that has proven HRT's risks may outweigh the benefits in many individuals. If one insists on taking hormones, take Bio-identical, although they also have damaging side-effects of interrupting the endocrine feedback loop, if taken sublingual, it would make only one liver pass.

The truth and simple fact is, you do not need more hormones to treat hormonal imbalance or to reduce the symptoms of PMS, dysmenorrhea, irregular menses, amenorrhea, perimenopause or menopause. You do not necessarily need prescriptions to treat osteoporosis.  What you do need is  a healthy diet, nutrients, vitamins, minerals and specific compounded herbal supplements to restore hormonal balance and reduce symptoms, along with acupuncture treatments to alleviate symptoms and restore the body back to balance.  You need adequate nutrition for your bones to keep them strong and healthy all your life, decrease stress, increase weight bearing exercises and daily walks.  And most of all, you need information that is easily understood that supports making the right decisions for you and your health.






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