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To be enlightened is to lighten up.

Cause and Effect

When any powerful, negative emotion is forced from conscious thought while it is raging in full strength, it has the potential of ripping and tearing us from within.  The process by which we cram a strong feeling into the unconscious mind is called repression, and it is psychologically hazardous.  Most importantly, this is an involuntary response which occurs whether or not we will it.  Until these negative emotions are unveiled, we will continually attract circumstances into our lives that continuously reenact and reinforce these negative emotions.  The pressure that it generates will usually appear elsewhere in the form of depression, panic, anxiety, weakened nervous system, muscular-skeletal tension, cognition or an entire range of physical disorders. 

Any act by man or nature which interferes with the quantity, circulation, or rhythmic balance of the life force, (energy as we know it in the West), will lead to a “Reversible Pathway” referring to a principal in Asian medicine in which the energy condition of an organ system may influence the mental and emotional condition of a person, while at the same time, or at any time, the latter may either stimulate or suppress the energy function of an organ. “The energy that causes the disease cures it.”  Sickness is only a variation of, and not a state separate from health. Symptomatology always involves at least two or more causes.  This thought is reflected in a saying passed on by the sages; “You can not make a sound with one ball.”  The principal functional considerations in Asian medicine are, rhythmic balance, circulation and quantity of energy.  Disturbances in any one, alone or in combination, may lead to an emotional disorder.

Of the three basic differentiations of energy, which include Qi ( pronounced Chee), blood and organ systems, the Qi is the immaterial expression of energy.  It is, therefore, most labile, susceptible to even the smallest stresses, and most closely related to the shifting moods and states of emotional distress.  In some instances, emotion will first affect one organ and later affect the entire balance of energy as that organ deteriorates slowly.  In other situations, emotions will have a more general effect on the entire organism; to a lesser extent, or later, it may affect specific organ systems.  Emotional distress that originates from an Organ system dysfunction may produce distinctly different emotional states, depending on whether that organ system is strong-active, weak-passive, strong with excess heat, or weak with excess cold.  This in turn will affect balance, circulation and overall energy.



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