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The thinking Body. The feeling Mind.
If you relax the Body, you relax the Mind.

Emotional Causal Chain

Emotional traumatic experiences, especially when not resolved on a subconscious level, will leave a resonance on a cellular level that can persist for decades.  The informative cellular level can be passed on for generations; this is known as a miasm.  Years of emotional traumas can be deposited, one upon the other, creating layers of cellular memories.  These memories may lie dormant for years.  However, even in the dormant state they can influence the genetic code, increasing susceptibility to certain diseases. Many cancers have been linked to traumatic experiences.  These stored dramatic cellular memories can trigger certain emotional reactions through neuroassociation with the five senses without the involvement of the conscious mind.  Thus, it is possible for the emotional state to be totally dictated by these suppressed cellular memories.

Every hurtful negative emotion, when chronically present and not truly resolved, will have a corresponding physical impact.  We call these psycho-somatic anchors.  This hurtful, negative emotion is like a ship, which with time, casts an anchor on the physical level.  If the corresponding anchor is not addressed, then the ship may not move.  When a psycho-somatic anchor is established, then a somatic-psychic effect is created, amplifying the negative emotional state, prolonging or even re-creating similar emotional effects seemingly without an apparent reason.  If these anchors are not removed, they will ultimately compromise treatments.  They can render treatments very temporary or reduce the effectiveness, resulting in physical anchors that have the potential of keeping the hurtful emotion anchored despite treatments.

The mind as we experience it is immaterial, yet it has a physical substrate, which is both the body and the brain.  The mind, acting below our consciousness, holds the network together, linking and coordinating the major systems, organs, and cells in an orchestrated Symphony.  The whole system is referred to as a psychosomatic information network, linking psyche, which compromises all that is of an ostensibly nonmaterial nature, such as mind, emotion, soul, to soma, which is the material world of molecules, cells and organs.  Mind to body; psyche to soma.

The goal, as a practitioner, is to discover the energetic layers which contribute to the final expression of the emotional disturbance by effectively identifying the chain of causes, including the head of the causal chain and the organ system or systems that have been affected. The ego, is that wounded, traumatized part of ourselves which loves the process of healing but has no intention of ever being healed.  It’s sole motivation is to preserve the past.  The authentic self, the spirit, does not require healing because it does not retain cellular memory, nothing has happened in the spiritual level. The spirit is only interested in living with more integrity in the here and now.  And that is what holistic and integral healing is about, moving from a relatively divided state to an increasing state of wholeness and integration, just as the heart wishes to live in the present and can not thrive on memories alone.

From this perspective any modality that requires process is seen as strengthening the presence of the disease by reinforcing a dysfunctional relationship to time, thoughts, and a feeling. Being able to renounce the rights to take less time for healing past wounds and traumas, can only meaningfully come from having fully discovered and given one’s self to that part of one’s self that is always more interested in creating the future than on overcoming one’s past.  This awakening is a sign of maturity that suggests the person is truly more focused on living for the sake of the whole than on being self absorbed.


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