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Becoming ill as we age is not a given,
fighting the “Evil Twins of Aging”  and
the dis-eases they promote, can be as
simple as enjoying a healthy meal ……

Nutrition & The Evil Twins of Aging

Food For Life
The most important aspect of eating is assimilation, the body taking in of foods and nutrients.  Our bodies must be able to identify, digest and assimilate nutrients from food in order to use it for building and regenerating cells, tissue, muscles, blood and bones. "Your favorite foods may contain all the nutrients in the world, but if your body cannot assimilate those nutrients, they are useless!"  Good health comes from a balanced diet that is found in healthy foods.

Healthy digestion is an essential part of promoting health and optimal assimilation.  Chewing well, proper food combinations, maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal flora and choosing foods suited to individual needs all play an important part of good assimilation and healthy digestion.

Along with exercising, avoiding toxins and reducing stress, what you eat can have a profound effect on how you age.  Living foods have energy, also known as life force, which is the essence of energy.  Energy can be measured only by its effects on life.  Life force is what activates the chemical energy into our bodies.  Life force can be called the electrical energy in our bodies that enables the mechanical energy of every action in our cells, tissues, muscles, bones and blood.

Plants have the magical ability to photosynthesize energy from the sun to be stored in every cell.  This energy remains intact for some time after the plant is harvested.  The fresher the food, the more energy it has.  The more energy within the food, the easier it is for our bodies to assimilate the energy.  Alternatively, energy is not present in dead tissue.  Dead flesh does not have life force or the available energy for a vibrant transformation of energy for a beautiful and healthy body. “Processed and flesh foods require more energy from the body to yield less energy for the body."  Where as, live food provides an optimal peak, requiring minimal energy from the body to give the maximum energy to the body. "Less work, more yield!



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