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Building Blocks for Eating & Staying Healthy

Remember, most nutrients, vitamins, minerals and enzymes are sensitive and destroyed by heat.  Enzymes are responsible for every metabolic action in the body, including digestion.  A diet composed exclusively of cooked food puts stress on the pancreas and requires a lot of energy to be expended for digestion. "The fresher the better!" The sooner after harvest a food is eaten, the more nutrients and life force it has available.  Eating fresh fruits and vegetables that are in season or grown in your region is a smart bet for the freshest food available. "The life in foods give us life!" Attempt to make these principles a cornerstone in your healthy diet:

  • Focus on Fruits & Vegetables
  • Eat Fresh
  • Greens in the Diet
  • Eat Beans & Grains
  • Nibble on Nuts
  • Choosing the Right Fats
  • Hold the Sugar
  • Reduce Your Risk of Pesticides
  • Eat Cultured and Fermented Food
  • Eat Sea Vegetables
  • Eating a Warm Bowl of Oats
  • Ultimate Longevity Food
  • Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMO)
  • Eat Organially Grown Foods
  • Drink Plenty of Fresh Water
  • Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals Sustain Energy Levels
  • Eat Consciously



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