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Becoming ill as we age is not a given,
fighting the “Evil Twins of Aging”  and
the dis-eases they promote, can be as
simple as enjoying a healthy meal ……

Eat Smaller, Frequent Meals to Sustain Engery Levels

Loading up our bodies with food three times a day is a cultural habit, not a biological need.  Instead, eating smaller portions four to five times a day delivers a steady stream of nutrients, blood sugar and energy to the body throughout the day.  Less taxing on the digestive and metabolic systems, smaller meals prevent overloading and excess waste accumulation.  Another benefit, is by dividing caloric intake one reduces the risk of heart disease.  Snacking on healthy foods is an incredible trick to boosting energy levels. For instance, if you find that your energy drops or you have difficulty concentrating between 3 and 6pm, have a healthy snack in the early afternoon and again before 6pm. 



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