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Greens in the Diet

Wheat and barley grass are chlorophyll rich foods, referred to as "cereal grasses." They are known to be cooling, cleanse toxins out of the body and have strong digestive properties to treat liver excesses, slow digestion and gastrointestinal inflammation.  Drinking 2 ounces a day is like consuming 2 ½ pounds of vegetables. They have been traditionally included in the diet by drinking 2 ounces daily for people suffering from; arthritis, bruises, burns, cancer, hepatitis, obesity, peptic ulcers, constipation, hemorrhoids, emphysema, gangrene, poison oak, and anemia. Brocco and alfalfa sprouts contain high levels of sulforaphane, a compound that boosts enzymes that generate long-term antioxidant activity. The American Association for Cancer Research has shown that sulforaphne inhibits the growth of prostate cancer cells and kills helicobacteria pylori, the bacteria that causes stomach ulcers that can lead to stomach cancer. Cereal grasses are high in vitamin A., B12, C, E, folic acid, Iron, phosphorus and calcium.



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