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Becoming ill as we age is not a given,
fighting the “Evil Twins of Aging”  and
the dis-eases they promote, can be as
simple as enjoying a healthy meal ……

Nutritional Counseling

When counseling patients my goal is not to stop aging itself because truthfully we will all pass on at one time or another, but my goal would be to teach you how to delay the onset and reduce the risk of each related disease.  Healthy food can definitely help us do this.  To understand this, consider the two factors that are known as the "evil twins of aging,"  oxidative stress and chronic inflammation. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, by-products of metabolism that can damage the integrity of our cells. Normally, antioxidants found in the body and in some foods protect against them.  But the burden of oxidative stress can outweigh our bodies anti-oxidant defenses, especially as we are getting older.  Oxidative stress can also activate the immune system. That is helpful in the short term, but the inflammatory process that results from immune system activation can harm us also.  When inflammation is unnecessarily prolonged, it can lead to disease.  This explains why chronic illnesses such as arthritis or Alzheimer's can increase with the years of aging.

Getting sicker as we get older is not necessarily a given, fighting the "evil twins of aging" and the diseases they promote, can be as simple as enjoying a healthy meal.  Antioxidants in food help reduce oxidative stress, and nearly everything we eat either promotes or reduces inflammation.  When researching longevity and healthy diets around the world, the eating habits of three locations stood out  for supporting longevity and radiant health, the European countries that border the Mediterranean Sea, Okinawa of Japan and tropical islands.  Their eating habits offer lessons on how to dine well, while living both longer and healthier.  The typical diet in these three different locations include generous amounts of fruits, vegetables, legumes, healthy fats and a limited intake of dairy and red meat.  Those who follow these diets tend to live longer and have a lower risk of conditions like obesity, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders and dementia. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, passed on this ancient wisdom [that the importance of good nutrition is the foundation for optimal well-being]. “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food.




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