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“I have been using the face and body mitt for over
a year and have had incredible results. My skin
used to be flaky and dry, now it is so soft and
smooth... 100% better. Thank you Veronika.”

LisaMarie Arreguin

Recommended Skin Care for Your Best Face

A gentle skin care routine can help make even the driest skin more supple and radiant.  Although that tight, parched feeling in the skin can be age-related, dry skin can also be due to using a cleanser that's too harsh or a moisturizer that is not rich enough for your skin's needs.

Morning routine: Cleanse with your beauy bar (superfatted soaps) or milky liquid cleanser, apply toner, massage in a few drops of olive oil, apply sunscreen to face, neck, chest and hands, and follow with a hydrating moisturizer for eyes, face and neck, especially one that contains glycerin, hyaluronic acid, essential fatty acids, Vit C and dimethicone. 

Protect yourself from the sun throughout the day as much as possible, eat healthy, exercise, stay hydrated, keep stress to a minimum and strive for happiness. Healthy liver, intestines, thyroid, kidneys and lymph system promotes healthy, glowing skin.

Night routine: Remove makeup with a milky liquid cleanser, rinse well, apply toner, pat face with a few drops of our serum elixir, followed by a gentle, circular massage with a few drops added to the signature exfoliating mitt to enhance circulation by stimulating the flow of Qi and blood, follow a regime that alternates one of these 3 products nightly( Renova, Ester-C & Alphy-hydroxy acids), under your nighttime moisturizer, especially one that contains EgF.



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