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I have been seeing Dr. Voss as needed for the past
few years during bouts of emotional turmoil. I feel
that I would not even be here today if it wasn’t for her
care, her attention, her diagnostic treatments, her
formulas and her acupuncture. I feel so blessed to
have been referred to her. 

Marci Leavitt   Culver City, CA

Treating the Emotional Layer of Stuttering

What does treating the emotional layer also known as psychosomatic anchors really mean? Every hurtful and negative emotion, when chronically present, relived and not truly resolved, will have a corresponding cellular impact.  The affected cellular area then acts as an anchor to hold on to the emotional hurt despite treatments.  An anchor isn’t just a temporary bad feeling, but rather a deeply set unresolved negative emotion that influences our health, well-being and how we perceive ourselves and others. If anchors are not addressed, they may eventually compromise our emotions, nervous system, endocrine system, immune system, digestive system and further create underlying anxiety disorders.

The Mind and Spirit are a form of Qi, aka life force, (pronounced chee) in its subtlest state.  Therefore, the very first effect often encountered with an emotional causative factor will upset the movement and transformation of Qi. Each emotion has a certain effect on Qi either by raising it, depleting it, knotting it, scattering it, or making it descend.  Hence, injury of the Mind or Spirit by emotions can lead to Qi deficiency or rebellious Qi.  This in turn impairs the proper circulation and movement of Qi, leading to stagnation.  Stagnation of Qi from emotional upset will eventually compromise our health, especially weakening various organs as the liver, heart,  lungs, pancreas and nervous system.

Anger which is the emotion associated with the liver will stagnate the Qi, manifesting with symptoms of frequent sighing, depression, moodiness, feeling of being wound up, plum pit syndrome (feeling of a lump in the throat when speaking), tension and irritability.  Worrying, compounded with sadness and grief will deplete Qi and lead to Qi stagnation in the chest, manifesting as palpitations, slight breathlessness, a feeling of lump in the throat with difficulty in swallowing, a weak voice and  a heightened sensitivity to psychic outside influences.  Just as the lungs on a physical level are responsible for protection from exterior pathogenic factors, the Corporeal Soul of the lung is responsible for protection from external psychic influences.  With this affliction, people tend to be negatively affected by the interactions of people with whom they come into contact.

The effects of emotional problems on blood are more important than those on Qi, for it provides the material foundation for the Mind and Spirit.  According to the Emperors Yellow Classic,chpt 26, “Blood is the Mind of a person,” the Spiritual Axis, chpt 32, “When blood is harmonized the Mind has a residence.”  Blood is also closely related to Mind and Spirit because of its relationship with the heart and liver.  The heart, which houses the Mind, governs blood, and the liver, which houses the Ethereal Soul, stores the blood.  Any emotional stress that affects heart or liver would influence heart blood or liver blood and therefore the Mind or Ethereal Soul.

It is with my strongest conviction that Western medicine, even in the face of its enormous technological accomplishments, requires an infusion of Oriental medicine.  By Oriental medicine, I mean the ancient medicine that has survived the modern world over the past 5000 years, with a strong matrix that treats the whole person rather than its parts. The increasing fragmentation of Western medicine into specialties, without an appreciation of the relationships between these fragments, will render Western medicine more and more ineffective as global communication continues to increase.  Western medicine has no unifying matrix, at its best; it is an uncoordinated accumulation of anatomical, physiological, pathological, and biochemical information about the human life system, coalescing and dramatic, technologically superb, heroic lifesaving procedures.  Oriental medicine emphasizes the relationships and unity not only between different aspects of bodily function, but also between Body and Mind, between Body and Spirit, and between the human being in the universe at large.  Oriental medicine can provide a matrix on which Western medicine can place its endless accumulation of facts, in order to create a unified system to better assist in the natural healing of all mankind.

Acupuncture is such a wonderful adjunct therapy to working with a speech pathologist to further enhance the articulation of speech and release the emotional psychosomatic anchors that are attached to stuttering.  Acupuncture treatments could best be visualized as releasing a kink in the water hose, as the kink is removed; the water flows freely, similar to releasing stagnation of Qi in the cellular membranes of the body.  Acupuncture points that best benefit stuttering are those that enhance the free-flowing Qi between the heart and the endocrine system, neurotransmitters and the autonomic nervous system. To have a better understanding of acupuncture please click on our acupuncture link.

There are hundreds of acupuncture points located on our bodies, I have chosen just five poetic and effective acupuncture points to share with you to enhance your understanding of acupuncture and the underlying emotional dynamic associated with stuttering.  The following combination of acupuncture points  are located on the back, they have  special  names and meanings that clearly relate to each point between  the physiological dysfunction of the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of the relevant organs. They are as follows:      

* BL-42 POHU (Window of the Corporeal Soul) this is the corresponding point to the lung, it frees breathing when the Corporeal Soul is constricted by worry, sadness or grief.  It calms the Mind and settles the Corporeal Soul allowing one to turn inwards, accepting oneself and releasing emotions that have been constrained in the chest and diaphragm.

* BL-44 SHENTANG (Hall of the Mind) this is the corresponding point to the heart, which strengthens and calms the Mind.  It stimulates the Mind’s clarity, speech, articulation and intelligence by relieving anxiety, depression, mental restlessness and insomnia.

* BL-47 HUNMEN(The door of the Ethereal Soul) this is the corresponding point to the liver, it strengthens the Ethereal Soul’s capacity of planning, sense of aim in life, life-dreams and projects.  It is a door, that facilitates the “coming and going” of the Ethereal Soul, Mind, relationships with other people and the world in general.  It has a very outward movement which could be compared and contrasted with the very inward movement of BL-42 POHU. This is excellent to treat mental exhaustion, lack of drive and aimlessness which is typical of chronic depression.

* BL-49 YISHE (Hut of the Intellect) this is the corresponding point to the pancreas, it strengthens the intellect, clears the Mind, stimulates memory and concentration.  It also relieves the Mind and Intellect of obsessive thoughts, brooding, mentally going around in circles, worries and confused thinking.

* BL-52 ZHISHI (Room of the Will Power) this is the corresponding point to the kidneys which strengthens willpower, drive, determination, the capacity of pursuing one’s goals with single-mindedness, Spirit of initiative and steadfastness.  When combined with the other points it is a solid mental-emotional foundation for the other aspects of the psyche.

If we analyze the names of the above five acupuncture points, we can detect a pattern as the points correspond to a house as an image for the psyche; with the Mind, Willpower and Intellect  corresponding to the hall (room and hut respectively); and the Ethereal and Corporeal Soul  corresponding to a door and window.  The images of a door and window fit well with the nature of the Ethereal and Corporeal Soul which provide movement to the psyche, the former providing the “coming and going” of the Mind and the latter the “entering and exiting” of the Essence.  The correspondence of the Heart to a hall is akin with traditional Asian philosophy, “The Hall is the most important room of the house as it is the one giving the first impression to guests, for this reason, it is always kept free of clutter.”

The combination of select acupuncture points as they pertain to an individual’s needs, along with natural botanical formulas that are muscle tested are in themselves an emotional release technique that works on the very deepest psychosomatic levels that help release the build up of negative emotions that have been stored deeply into the cellular membranes and have impacted different mechanisms in the body.


An Inspiration:

As you find the courage to be yourself and honor your integrity, your potential will be realized naturally.  You will develop an internal balance and harmony that will enable you to face any circumstance.  You will free yourself from limiting fears, be able to love and serve yourself as well as others freely with an overflow of abundance.
Your life and your feelings have a natural ebb and flow, a rhythm which you often tend to resist.  But you can no more successfully oppose this rhythm than you could stop the ocean’s ebb and flow.  Far better to let the ocean ebb, and at low tide, take the opportunity to find wonders in the tide pools.

Fear is only in the Mind, allow your Mind to see you fearless; free of compulsive thinking about stuttering, free of avoidance, free of the evasive action to speak, free of shame, free of embarrassment, free of the past and future. By avoiding rehearsals for the future, anxieties will lessen.  Stay out of the past. Stay out of the future. Stay in the here and now!

When you can allow your unique  ebb and flow ...... your nights, your days, your Mind and Soul will find the courage to explore and heal your feelings at all levels of your tides, you will find treasures beyond belief, and  discover the courage to be yourself.


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