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The Ultimate Self Healing Weight Loss Solution

Eating an unnatural and highly restrictive diet can cause yo-yo dieting and drastic ups and downs in body weight.  Improper diet practices can  slow down your metabolism and create imbalances within your body. "So losing weight may be more about what's going on in your mind  than  what's going on your plate.” What do I mean by this? Lifestyle and diet changes can only change in either two important ways; “Start thinking positively or stop thinking negatively!”

If you have clicked onto The Weight Loss Solution, I believe you have a decision to make as to whether or not you will stop lying to yourself and telling yourself what you so desperately wish were the truth: that there is some magic new diet out there, a new fat farm, a new book, a new video, a new drink , a new nutraceutical, a new pharmaceutical, or some magic, quick and easy secret! Do you want to keep chasing and being seduced by all the advertising and commercial hype of the miracle diet, slimming products, surgeries and overnight weight loss scams?  "Or do you want to get real about you and your weight?" Having a goal without a plan is just a wish.

"Wouldn't it be better to decrease the amount of food that you take in and increase the amount of energy you expend?"
This is entirely possible with acupuncture and the Oriental Medicinal Module.  A comprehensive medical therapy for weight issues which are rooted in the disharmony and imbalance between the liver and the pancreas. When these organs are imbalanced they create a major disharmony in digestion; resulting in fatigue, slow metabolism, water retention, loose stools or constipation, a feeling of heaviness, foggy head, chronic stress, depression, anger, hormonal imbalances and pushes  the trigger points that lead to cravings, binge or compulsive eating. Despite the millions of advertising dollars spent to convince you otherwise, losing weight and keeping it off is not a quick and easy fix and deep down inside you know it! Luck is the creation of opportunity!



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