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How does Auricular Therapy work in treating Weight Loss?

Acupuncture points on the ears have been found to be particularly effective for weight loss.  The human ear has been described as a microsystem of the body in an inverted fetal position; it contains points relating to all major organs and body parts.  The needle tacs or seeds will generally stay in place for up to three to five days in a week between treatments and can be gently massaged for 10 second intervals if cravings occur.One particular point of the five that are generally placed in the ear is a hunger point and it is used to relieve hunger and control compulsive eating. "Auricular Acupuncture is a straight shot to the brain and assists the brain in functioning more effectively."

The National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (a.k.a. NADA) treats chemical dependency and weight loss therapy by applying five needles to specific points in the ear.  There are over a thousand detox programs nationwide that operate with a state license and specialize in this detox or weight loss protocol.

Most patients report a marked decline in appetite and cravings with acupuncture alone, but herbs, healing foods and exercises can definitely enhance the efficacy of the treatments.  The herbs and foods that are selected for you during a weight loss treatment are for promoting a healthy digestion, energizing your body, augmenting your Qi and improving the elimination of water, toxins and waste products.  Foods that are bitter, sour and acrid to taste are especially good for weight loss, while sweet, salty and greasy foods should be greatly reduced.

“In the struggle to eat less and expend more energy, you may find that acupuncture is just what you needed to overcome your cravings, boost your energy,  lift your spirits, enhance your metabolism, and increase your willpower to succeed at your goals and live the life you wish to be experiencing.”




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